Celebrate by Giving Back

In eleven months I’ll turn 50 years old…50 YEARS OLD.  It’s surreal.

Getting older is indeed a beautiful thing and with each passing year my gratitude and appreciation for life grows.  With each passing year things that would have bothered me in younger years simply melt away because of perspective.  With each passing year I value people much more than accomplishments or possessions.  While getting old brings beauty, it also brings sorrow as the harsh realities of life sometimes kick you in the teeth.

In recent years I have seen friends, many younger than me, pass away or suffer from serious illness.  I’m aware of the impact not just on the person who is sick, but on the entire family.  These friends who have walked this path touch my soul deep in the core of my being, changing me and shaping me into the person I am today.  One of the most important lessons I have learned from my friends is “Today is a GIFT”.

Normally I don’t go around talking about my birthday — especially eleven months in advance.  This year it’s different. I’m turning 50!!!!!  This year I want to celebrate all year long and invite my friends to join me. Each month on my birthday DAY, the 15th, I’ll roll out a new project to celebrate my birthday.  These projects are to honor my friends who have lost their battle with disease by giving back to Spreading Sunshine, a charity planting HOPE one box at a time to families facing dark or difficult days through childhood illness or disability.

I’m over the top excited about the project for June!!!!!!  Not too long ago I had the opportunity to talk with the Volunteer Manager at LeBonheur Children’s Hospital to find out some of their biggest needs.  She shared how helpful it is to have someone serve dinner for a floor at the hospital.  In the next few weeks I’m planning to serve dinner at LeBonheur as a volunteer of Spreading Sunshine.

Want to help?

You can help cover the cost of the food.  Dinner will be catered and is estimated to cost between $300-$350.  Make a tax deductible donation to Spreading Sunshine to help defray the cost. Make sure to note in the message the donation is to serve dinner at LeBonheur.

You can donate items.  I’ll need plates, utensils, cups, drinks, napkins etc.

You can come along with me and serve dinner.

Comment or email me at smithdiane1111@gmail.com to see how you can help.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will enjoy celebrating the GIFT of TODAY with your family and friends!!  It’s a great day to spread a little kindness and hope.



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